Sarasota Administration and Support Staff

Melanie Smith, Program Principal, Sarasota Campus


Melanie Smith is the Program Principal for Island Village Montessori School’s Sarasota campus. Melanie also works with children as general educator, as well as ESL and ESE educator. Melanie joined Island Village in 2005. She has completed her AMS elementary I credential and an early childhood education degree from USF. She is a certified Florida …

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Michelle Ball-Fauls, Administrative Assistant and After School Program


Michelle started at Island Village in 2007. She has one child who is an Island Village middle school student. Michelle received her BS from Illinois State University. She is finishing her Montessori elementary certification through Montessori Live and is Florida certified for PK-3rd grades. Michelle was one of the first parents of the Sarasota IVMS …

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Kyle Forment, Administrative Assistant


Kyle Forment joined the office in the Sarasota Campus in 2012. Kyle has an associates degree from Miami-Dade University and attended Florida State University as a music major. Her two children, one in high school and one in middle school, attended a Montessori early childhood program. Kyle worked for Cheesecake Factory for 10 years and …

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Erika Berrones, Assistant Educator


Erika Berrones joined IVMS in 2013. Erika began her journey working with children in 2004 by educating home-schooled students through tutoring and enrichment activities. From 2007 to 2009 she worked in the field of youth ministries. She has an associates degree from State College of Florida. She is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Elementary …

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Tom Scheve, Facilities


Tom joined IVMS in 2013 as facilities coordinator for the Sarasota campus. Tom has experience as a handiman and contractor in the Sarasota County area.

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Tasha Robinson, Music

Tasha Robinson

Tasha Robinson holds a Bachelor of Music in Harp Performance from studies at both the University of Toronto and the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Tasha has taught harp at many levels, from being an adjunct professor of harp instruction to running her own private studio, Golden Harp Studios. Tasha uses a mixture of both the …

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Angeline Parkin-Milambiling, Art Coordinator


Angeline Parkin-Milambiling is the art education director of the Venice and Sarasota campus art departments focusing on a cohesive, creative, and comprehensive art curriculum. Angeline began teaching at Island Village Montessori in 2004. She completed her master’s degree in arts education from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2011. Angeline has a bachelor of arts in studio arts from …

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Yanuary Irasema Navarro, Art and After School Program


Yanuary (pronounced Yah-Nu-ah-Ree) Navarro is an interdisciplinary artist. She began with IVMS in 2012 as an art educator and after school staff working with lower elementary artists.  She has a B.F.A degree from Ringling College of Art and Design in illustration and is Florida certified in art K-12.

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Kathy Bixby, Physical Education


Kathy Bixby has been with IVMS since 2004.  She moved to Florida from Connecticut, where she attended Southern Connecticut State College.  She is a former state gymnastics champion, and has coached several gymnastics teams as well as run her own mobile gymnastics program.  Kathy has been a Montessori physical education educator for 20 years both here …

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Debbie Kotti, Physical Education

debbie 2

Debbie joins the staff of IVMS in 2013. She is a graduate from Kent State University and moved to Florida a few years after graduation. After moving to Venice, Debbie coached gymnastics at the Venice YMCA managing the competitive gymnastics team as well as recreational and summer programs for nearly 14 years. She is begining …

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Ursula Fortner, ESE and ESL Educator


Ursula has been with Island Village Montessori School since 2006. Ursula is a Florida certified educator for elementary education grades K through six and for secondary mathematics education grades six through twelve. Ursula also holds endorsements for the education of speakers of English as a second language (ESOL), and for the education of exceptional students …

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Rhonda Frank, ESE Educator


 In 2012, Rhonda Frank joined the IVMS staff as an exceptional student educator at the Sarasota campus. Between the ages of 5-10, Rhonda attended an open living school.  Much like Montessori, the program was ungraded, contract based, and used hands-on learning.  Her family moved, and she attended a regular educational program 5th grade – high …

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Mary Booth, Speech Language Pathologist


Mary Booth is a speech language pathologist for Island Village Montessori School’s Sarasota campus. Mary joined Island Village in 2012. She has a master of science degree in communication science and disorders, a master of arts degree in counseling education and a bachelor of science degree in studio art. Mary has worked as a speech …

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