Alphabetical Staff Listing 2014-2015

 Alphabetical Listing
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Administration and Support Staff 2014-2015

Alison Rini, Director and Principal, Sarasota
Aimee Heden, Accounting
Angeline Parkin-Milambiling, Art Education Sarasota
Bill Koss, Director of Facilities
Brittany Bianco, Secondary Support, After School Program
Debbie Kotti, Physical Education, Both Campuses
Gary Finkel, IT Director, Network Support
Glenda Batista, Lunchroom, Sarasota
Jamie Marshall, Coordinating Director IVMS Arts Programs
Jan Pearman, Enrollment, After School Director Venice
Jenifer Baehr, Registrar, Montessori Live Educator Training Program
Jennifer Ocana, Director and Principal, Venice Campus
Jennifer Sessa, Director of Pupil Support
Jill Wright, Art, Venice
Jim Dunn, Montessori Live Video Editor and Montalign Support
Jolie Holman, Administrative Assistant, Venice
Julio Guzman, Facilities, Venice
Kathy Bixby, Physical Education Assistant
Keri Zane Strickland, ESE Support Venice
Kim Spencer, ESE Educator, Sarasota
Kyle Forment, Administrative Assistant, After School Coordinator, Transportation, Sarasota
Dr. Kym Elder, IVMS Executive Director, Program Director Montessori Live
Lawrence Bryant, Security
Lee Grant, Facilities, Sarasota
Louise Vare, Speech and Language, Venice
Mary Booth, Speech and Language, Sarasota
Matt Minton, Webmaster
Megan Criswell, Guidance Counselor, Venice
Megan Luster, Administrative Assistant, Venice
Melanie Smith, ESE and ESL Liaison, Enrollment Coordinator, EC Director, Sarasota
Michelle Ball-Fauls, Administrative Assistant, Enrollment, Health Room, Sarasota
Michelle Maulucci, Dramatic Arts, Venice
Michelle Vitiello, Financial Director
Nicole O’Brien, PE Support and Lunchroom, Venice
Oleta Conklin, Health Room, Venice
Dr. Paul Czaja, Faculty, Montessori Live
Peter Simms, Community Director, Music Education Venice
Rhonda Frank, ESE Educator, Sarasota
Steve Baskin, Security
Tasha Robinson, Music Education
Terri Grant, Administrative Assistant and Lunchroom, Venice
Ursula Fortner, ESE Educator, German instructor, Venice
Whitney Carter, Registrar and Scheduling all programs, Secondary Administration
Yanuary Navarro, Art, Sarasota


Faculty – All Levels 2014-2015

Agnes Yu, Educator LE 8, Sarasota
Almudena Anderson, Educator LE 8, Sarasota
Barbara Shelby, Educator LE 20, Venice
Candice Grant, Educator LE 1, Venice
Cara Jacobs, Educator LE 18, Venice
Cathy Baer, Educator LE 17, Venice
Christine Schaefer, Educator LE 6, Sarasota
Dawn Esposito, Educator LE 23, Venice
Debbie Vale, Educator LE 7, Elementary Team Leader, Sarasota
Diana Siwicka, Educator LE 6, Venice
Donna Turoff, Educator LE 7, Sarasota
Dorie Fiser, Assistant Educator, LE 9, Venice
Elaine Palmore, Educator LE 11, Venice
Elizabeth Lynn, Educator LE 2, Venice
Emmaly Rogalski, Educator LE 4, Sarasota
Erika Berrones, Assistant Educator LE 15, Venice
Fran Tulski, Educator LE 13, Venice
Franck Fourquin, French Instructor Secondary, Venice
Gail Jacquelin, Educator LE 23, Early Childhood Director, Venice
Harper Perez, Educator LE 16, Venice
Jason Hunter, Educator LE 14, Elementary Team Leader, Venice
Jennifer Campbell, Educator LE 9, Venice
Jessica Hickerson-McBee, Educator LE 1, Sarasota
Joanna Dabrowski, Assistant Educator LE 10, Venice
Kat Ricker, Assistant Educator LE 3, Sarasota
Katherine (Beth) Moore, Educator LE 20, Venice
Kathy Schultz, Educator LE 23, Venice
Kellie Loucks, Educator LE 10, Venice
Kim Michiels, Educator LE 19, Venice
Kristen Grannell, Educator LE 3, Sarasota
Kristin Calandra, Educator LE 2, Venice
Kristin Comeau, Assistant Educator LE 3, Venice
Kristin Deree, Educator LE 18, Venice
Lisa Calogero, Assistant Educator LE 8, Venice
Lisa Stortstrom, Educator LE 13, Venice
Lori Bayes, Assistant Educator, LE 4, Sarasota
Lowell Myers, Educator LE 2, Sarasota
Macla Evans, Educator LE 3, Sarasota
Maggie St. Laurent, Educator LE 2, Sarasota
Marjorie Barksdale, Assistant Educator LE 6, Sarasota
Martha Barrett, Educator LE 1, Sarasota
Matt Minton, Educator LE 19, Venice
Meliza Lopes, Educator LE 7, Venice
Mendy Hyatt-Hensley, Educator LE 6, LE 6/7 Team Leader, Venice
Michelle Daman, Educator LE 1, Venice
Misty Sirianni, Educator LE 22, Venice
Monica Ribbe, Educator LE 7, Venice
Monique Czaja, Educator LE 4, Sarasota
Mydahlia Glover, Educator LE 17, Venice
Myrna Bonhomme, Educator LE 16, Venice
Nancy Clarke, Educator LE 21, Secondary Team Leader, Venice
Rachel Cheriyan, Educator LE 22, Venice
Rebecca Brown, Assistant Educator LE 11, Venice
Rebecca Johnson, Educator LE 6, Venice
Sandra Goyette, Educator LE 15, Venice
Shaena Smith, Educator LE 10, Venice
Stephanie Welch, Educator LE 3, Venice
Tammy Balser, Educator LE 8, Venice
Whelma Thompson, Educator LE 2, Sarasota
Wendy Menzel-Burchell, Educator LE 19, Venice
Yayle Jacobs, Educator LE 14, Venice